Laptop Care Tips

Proper laptop care starts with regularly washing your hands. While it may seem like a simple step, the presence of liquids on the laptop can cause internal components to short out or corrupt data. Furthermore, spilled liquids and food may also clog the keyboard and damage electronics. Apart from causing damage, food can also make your laptop look dirty. Your hands’ oils and dirt can also eat away at the protective finish of your laptop. Cleaning parts of your computer with a toothbrush can help promote air flow and reduce the buildup of heat.

Avoid leaving your laptop in dusty places. This will damage the components of your laptop as it will overheat faster. Another important laptop care tip is to avoid leaving your laptop on a desk with high humidity levels, as this will increase the risk of your laptop overheating. Another basic tip for laptop care is to avoid using the keyboard and display when not in use. These items can scratch the screen and make it less responsive.

To prevent damage to the display, never pick up your laptop by its monitor or its base. This will cause extra strain on the LCD and the hinges. You should also avoid placing anything heavy or sharp on top of your laptop, as these items can damage the frame. Also, never rest your hands on the display to avoid damage to it. This may also cause damage to the LCD screen. A good laptop care tip is to use a protective case if you are carrying your device.

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While carrying your laptop, try not to place too many heavy objects on it, because this can damage the LCD, hinges, and chassis. Besides that, a heavy object may squish a hard disk or optical drive. In addition to that, sudden temperature changes can cause major damage to your laptop. The metal platters inside the hard disk can expand or contract rapidly, leading to partial data loss. Rapid temperature changes can also short internal components.

Keeping your laptop safe from accidental spills and dirt is one of the most important laptop care tips. Keeping your laptop away from soft surfaces will prevent overheating and will lead to frequent restarts. This can also cause hard drive and circuit damage, which is undesirable in terms of performance and reliability. You should also avoid letting food and drink spill on your laptop. If your laptop happens to be in a closed case, always open it up for air to prevent moisture from damaging the screen.

It is important to choose a reputable store for repairs. It is always better to buy electronics from an official manufacturer’s outlet rather than an unknown retailer. The official warranty services provided by these outlets are better and more comprehensive than those offered by smaller repair shops. Most shops are able to handle common problems with laptops and they may be the best choice if your laptop is prone to malfunctioning. So, when purchasing your new laptop, always choose a reliable shop.

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